Purchase Individualized Accommodation Plans

Individualized Accommodation Plans
(Uses are good for one year.)
1 use
10 uses
25 uses
50 uses
Unlimited uses

Unlimited Uses Restrictions
One unlimited use purchase by an individual school district grants unlimited use of the IAP Generator to a maximum of 50 teachers, assessment professionals, and special education directors. For school districts with more than 50 users, two (2) unlimited use purchases would be required: one for all elementary-level personnel, and one for all secondary-level personnel. No maximums apply, and assessment professionals and special education directors would also have access to unlimited uses. One login username and password is assgned for each purchase of unlimited uses. Additional usernames and passwords are available for a minimal administrative fee. Unlimited uses are good for a one-year period.

Purchase Information
  • Credit card orders are handled via PayPal. There is usually some delay setting up a login for the account.
  • To purchase plans via a purchase order, please print this page and mail it to
    Exceptional Diagnostics
    1811 Dawson Mill Rd.
    La Grange, NC 28551